Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This is a bird house my Dh made for one of my good friends I think every post needs a pic so here it is
Hi everyone I am so sorry that I have not ben bloging I have been busy doing stuff

We had a nice quiet christmas and new year

then we had some sadness in the family we lost a cousin on my side and a sister inlaw on DHs side so it has been a sad start to the new year .

I had a wonderful day when my DD and I met Lynette Anderson at our local patchwork shop wow that made our day

I have not been doing much sewing but what I have been doing are ufo`s I have a few things I need to get done soon and I am not starting a new project untill I finish something

I have also won a few things in blogland and have thanked the girs through email but girls I want to say a a BIG THANK YOU on my blog I love my prizes and will do some of the things this year

the house still has not sold but I am hopeing the people who looked today will make an offer please send good thoughts I cant wait for a new home with a sewing space for me

ok I will go for now

hugs to you all Beth