Tuesday, December 22, 2015


This little boy is such a joy to have in my life he Is happy and smiles all the time  he is also a cheeky little monkey  I love being a Nannie 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sad times

As some if you know I am adopted  so have been lucky to have 2 mums but sadly my mum Joan  passed away on the 18 th of last month I have been sad and hurt by a few things going on but I will not go into it here   . I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here just keeping to myself  for a bit . My birth mum Mary has been a tower if strength to me during this time and I love her dearly for it . 

Friday, July 24, 2015


well life happens and I get busy and don't get to post as often as I would like but here I am back again for a little update .
we have lambs and lost a couple but that's farm life hey .My little Grandson is a joy and growing bigger every day he is such a good baby  .My Mum has had a very bad diagnosis and we await  news of if treatment will help  very sad times .so I will leave you with a few pics and get back as soon as I can hugs Beth

Monday, May 25, 2015

Catch up

Ok hi all well I have been a busy girl  I went on my first ever sewing retreat with a couple of my best girlfriends the retreat was my birthday gift from my girlfriend Bec (thank you my friend live you heaps ) we sewed we ate we laughed and had a ball we also booked in for next year lol . At retreat I worked on a baby quilt for Sebastian (my beautiful new grandson )  and all I now need to do is add borders and quilt it.
 I also had a little photo shoot  with Sebastian and here is a photo I took of him  I love this little love bug more than words can say .hope you are all doing something you love today hugs Beth.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Little Man

Hi all well  I am here to show you all the new man in my life he is my first Grandchild Sebastian and oh boy is he amazing. I have had a not very good week as I have only been able to hold him once as the day after he was born I started to feel not so well and I have been sick sick sick since then sore throat and now I have a chesty cough  so I am not a Happy Nannie as I will not take this bug any where near the new little family. I am on pills and am slowly getting better but it is not fast enough for me .I have been calling them each day to see how they are going and they are doing an amazing job of being parents but I knew they would . so I have the ok from the new Daddy and Mummy to post a photo of the little man so here he is all the yumminess of him
 so cute after his bath
 oh wow I love this little man

Sunday, April 26, 2015


It is with much joy that I let you all know I am now a Nannie my dear son and his partner have had a beautiful little boy born 26/4/2015  it's love at first sight  so happy 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

garden is growing

 penny pig
 Archie my beautiful mate resting on the veranda  
Hi all well its time for an update we have been very busy getting a  garden started .and now have some button squash spinach silver beet and sage growing  we also have some onion seeds in   now we just hope the possums don't get a feed before we do .I have been spending some time with Penny the pig and can now scratch her on the head and back while she is eating she also will take food from my hand so I am very happy with that .The sheep have settled in well and are getting fat . I am getting excited our Grandbaby is due in 3 days  .hope you all get time to do something you love this week hugs Beth

Sunday, March 29, 2015

new girls on the block

well here are the new girls on the block at our place  .7 beautiful sheep 4 will have bubby's in the next few weeks so excited

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Girls 5 fat Hens

well here are some pics of my girls
 Henrietta ,Harriet, Millicent, Gracie and Abby   love my chickens and love the nice fresh eggs

Monday, March 23, 2015

Penny the Pig

well Hi to anyone who comes across this little Blog .We are working on our new adventure and now have 5 fat hens and Penny the pig as well as Lenard the goat (he came with the place we are renting ) Life has been busy and tyring trying to get every thing organised and gardens made to grow our own veggies  and fences fixed  along with driving into town a few times a day for school run and to drop off and pick up our son for  work {he does not drive yet } I am feeling rather Tired but also happy . on the sewing front I have not been doing anything much but I will need to get a go on as our first little Grandson will be here in a few short weeks and this Nannie has not made his quilt yet .I will try and post updates here more often for any one who like to read them and also as a record of our progress  hope you are all doing something you love hugs Beth and here is a pic of a beautiful gum tree flower just because I like it

Monday, February 23, 2015

Long time

well Hi to anyone still checking in on my little Blog  .I have been busy and a few big changes have taken place in my life  so here is a little catch up first DH and I are going to be Grandparents in April to say we are excited would be an understatement  we are getting a little Grandson  soo happy for our eldest son and his beautiful GF. we have moved to a little Hobby Farm its 10 acres of pure Joy for us !!!still renting but very happy .we are still in the getting organised stage .A chook pen has been crafted from an existing building (no Chooks as yet but I am looking for some ) also a goat by the name of Lenard came with the place  lol he is a beautiful cheeky bugger and thinks my roses are for his snacks and that the veranda is his playground  He gets on well with Tyler and Archie our Cattle dogs so that is a good thing .we have plans for a vegie garden and I picked up a bread maker from a garage sale New never used so I plan to start making our bread again soon . I am still sewing and when we get unpacked I will have a shed for my sewing yay it is already lined and ready for sewing as the owner is a sewer as well and it was her studio so yay for me it has a built in cutting bench I just need to get the boxes and furniture out of there so I can start sewing . I will be adding pics as I take them and will try to keep this blog updated a bit more often I have succumbed to facebook and spend a bit of time there   but miss this blog .
ok I hope you are all doing something you love .Hugs Beth