Monday, September 24, 2007

My Little Quilter

Here are some pics of my little girl Miss 9 making her first ever quilt do you think I am a very proud Mummy. Rachel chose the fabric and her big sister got it for her then she had to do some odd jobs to do to earn the fabric from Amanda It was a good deal and Rachel is so Happy now that she has started her Quilt.
well what do you all think She just needs to add a border and then she wants to add some hearts to the corners and then it will need quilting.
tonight I have one very happy little girl I think she wants to sleep with it!

I have not been doing much else as we have school holidays here in Queensland so just doing family things
I hope you all have a fab day
Hugs Beth

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yay Anne now has her stitchery so I just wanted to add some pic`s here
.I had so much fun doing this swap I am looking forward to doing another one

Amanda is all moved out and happy in her new home Yay for my big girl!
I hope you all have a fab day
Hugs Beth

Saturday, September 15, 2007

flowers and tears

here are some flowers from my garden I love the start of spring .

I am a bit sad today our eldest DD Amanda has moved out she got a nice flat on friday and we have spent today moving her in .I am happy for her as this is a new stage in her life that she neds to do but I am sad for me and our family it will be quiet without her her little sister is sad ok I am a big sook heheh I will be back in a day or so hugs Beth

ps Anne has got her stitchery swap I am sooo glad to got to her ok!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

another finish

well here is another finish I started this table runner a few months ago it is one of 2 that I made the other one I gave to my Birth mum
[Mary] hi mummy if you are reading this i love you.
We have had a few people through the house this week I dont mind that much but I got a call on sunday to see if I would let someone through for a look I thought that was a bit rude ! I told them no sorry not today .the man was nice about it but that is not the point it was sunday!!! sorry for the rant.
I am working a little quilt at the moment it is the chicken hearted throw
by the chook shed pattern co I love there stuff I hope to get some more of the applique done this week and then I will post a pic ok I will go for now have a fab day
hugs Beth

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


oh wow look what I got in the mail today
This is from Paula I love it thank you soooo much
I cant wait to be in another swap this one was fab.
I will try and get back later with a longer post
hugs Beth

Sunday, September 2, 2007

christmas wall hanging

This is the christmas wall hanging that I tried to upload the other day .I just need to add the buttons and do the last few stitches at the bottom and it will be all done .I hope to get to it this week! I am just about busting my swap gift is on its way and I cant wait untill it gets to its new home.
I have been working on a circle journal for a scrapbooking swap that I am in this one will go home after I finish it this week.
I am trying to decide what new project to start ? I need to make new quilts for my boys and one for our bed I just cant decide what to start first hehehe
I had better go for now some people are coming to look through the house on wednesday so I had better get some things done around here .
Hugs Beth