Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yay Anne now has her stitchery so I just wanted to add some pic`s here
.I had so much fun doing this swap I am looking forward to doing another one

Amanda is all moved out and happy in her new home Yay for my big girl!
I hope you all have a fab day
Hugs Beth


Linda said...

What a sweet little stitchery, do hope you're feeling a little better. I know how hard it can be to see your kids leave the nest.

Sweet P said...

You do great stitchery work. I know Anne likes her swap gift.

My son moved out 15 months ago. I was happy because I took over his room as my sewing studio, but I do miss him. He and his wife come over on Sundays to watch football so I still get to see him.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. You've had us waiting with baited breathe. It was so worth the wait.
How lovely for your swap partner.