Saturday, February 28, 2009

some things I love

today I was looking through some pics and came across these
I did some scrapbooking a while ago I was in a circle Journal swap mine was on collections so I took a few pics of some of the things I collect .
I realy miss haveing these things around
I think I need to unpack some more of my treasures to make this house more mine
I have not been doing much I fell down the steps the other night
and let me say I have the biggest bruse[sp?] on my rear end and now my ankel is playing up as well.I tell you dark wet steps and slippery shoes are not a good combo.

ok enough I hope whoever is reading this is well and happy .
I will be back soon with some sewing
hugs Beth

Sunday, February 22, 2009

do you know what this is

well today I went for a walk to one of the local thrift shopsand this is what I found I think these will look beautiful on my dutchess
now does anybody know what it is called and how to make it
I just love the look and I think this one is old
it is a matching set of 3 one is a big dimond and the small ones square
I would love to know something about this style of doily
and the best part I got the set for $1can you believe that .

I also go a couple of little tabel cloths but I did not take pics of them .
I have been feeling better so I have been working on my Red work for the swap sorry cant show you LOL
the stitching is done now I just need to sew it altogther.
I have been looking at some diferent blogs while I have been sick and found some that are useing linnen it there quilts so Iam going to try that it looks good andI have some thrifted linnen so it will be a thrifty play always good to make something on a small budget
ok I will be going now please leave me a comment I realy love to here from you all
hugs Beth

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

who want to play PIF

Hi all well sorry I have been away I have been sick
now I have Joined Pegs PIF I have been watching these for a while now and decided to jump in and have a go so listed below are the rules....Three people join in my PIF.I must send a hand made gift to the 3 people on my list within 365 days.In turn, the 3 people who have joined my PIF must also host their own and ask for 3 people to join.They then must send a handmade gift to each of their 3 players within 365 days.There is no set time to send the gifts, so long as they are sent within 365 days of hosting your PIF.Please leave me a comment if you'd be interested in playing along with me......
I have to work out how to add the PIF thing but I am sure you all know what I am talking about
ok come sign up you know you want to LOL
hugs Beth