Saturday, February 28, 2009

some things I love

today I was looking through some pics and came across these
I did some scrapbooking a while ago I was in a circle Journal swap mine was on collections so I took a few pics of some of the things I collect .
I realy miss haveing these things around
I think I need to unpack some more of my treasures to make this house more mine
I have not been doing much I fell down the steps the other night
and let me say I have the biggest bruse[sp?] on my rear end and now my ankel is playing up as well.I tell you dark wet steps and slippery shoes are not a good combo.

ok enough I hope whoever is reading this is well and happy .
I will be back soon with some sewing
hugs Beth


amanda_vicious said...

hey mum, i know what you mean about having stuff that you love around to make a place seem more yours. Its hard here tho,not much room. i made my first top on my overlocker today! Hope you didnt hurt yourself too bad!! love you

Narelle said...

Hi, nice to hear from you.
Sounds like plenty of rest and elevation for the ankle with some hand sewing for you.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice treats Beth and yes you should unpack them...take care and I think a little rest may be called for...

QuiltedSimple said...

I hope you are on the mend from your fall. Sounds like a good time for some handwork:)

Scottish Nanna said...

Hi its nice to know that you have unpacked some of your goodies it will make you feel at home again. No more falling down stairs you are a worry make sure you rest but knowing you you wont.Love you heaps MUM.XXXXXxX

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