Monday, December 17, 2007

the tree

I have a lot of things to tell you all but Iwill start with the Tree the 2 youngest helped to put it up and add the decorations I think they had a lot of fun as you will see for the pics I Love these rat bags hehehe

Solomon our puss even got in on the act .

We have added some lights and some more things to the tree I will get some more pics on christmas day

I am so blessed to have found blogland I do not know how to thank all the wonderful people I have met on the blogs

I have been lucke enough to win some wonderful giveaways and will share pics soon

Here is a pic of Rachel in the dress I made her thanks to Tracey she is looking like miss sassy in the pic she was ready for a school concert .
sorry the pics are all over the place
have a fab day
Hugs Beth

Saturday, December 8, 2007

busy busy busy

Hi I am still here I have just been very busy

Luke`s Birthday party was good it rained so we all had our dinner up stairs .It was a fun night

My Birth Mum mary got Married to Pete now MY birth stepday yay we are all very happy love you both.

The kids have been doing lots of end of year school things

We have had a few people through the house I wish it would just sell so we could get on with life again

The owner has told us he will buy a brick home for us to rent when this one sells woo hoo I just cant wait .ok now i AM SOOO TOTALY AMAZED BY THE KINDNESS OF SOME PEOPLE OUT IN BLOGLAND

The other week I commented on Tracey`s blog about her little fabric chickens and the dress she made her beautiful DD

then in the mail I got 2 very cute chicks and some fabric to make my Rachel A dress wow I am so blessed to have found this wonderfull comunity .Rachel now has a new dress and she got to show it of at her school concert.I have some more things to blog about later so I will be back so hugs to you all my new friends


Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy Birthday dear boy

our little man
now all grown up
Our Son Luke is 18 today wow the years go so fast
Luke we are so very proud of the man you now are you are a kind and wonderful son and brother we love you
have a fab day and a fun night clubbing for the first time
hugs love mum and dad
I will post some party pics next week
hugs all Beth

Monday, November 12, 2007


ok I am going to try and add a link
ok so now I will see if it works yes I am on L plates lol
hugs Beth


I have been doing some sewing .I found a tutorial on a fantastic Blog

on the hill [how do I link????]

I just love this stitchery roll and finaly got around to doing one yay
hugs Beth

Saturday, November 10, 2007

bubby quilt

I have been working on a little quilt for my friends new prem bub

she is soo tiny but doing well

Here is a pics of her quilt top
now I just need to work out how to quilt it
I am not so good at that.
I have been doing some other things trying to get some ufo`s done I am also sorting things around the house just in case it sells before christmas .
we are going to have a chat with our landlord this weekend so I hope to get some more info about what is going on.
I just want to say thank you to all the girls that have left me comments you have made me feel very welcome in blogland so hugs to you all
I am going now I think I will get a coffee and find a good book goodnight all
hugs Beth

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just for mummy

here you go mum just for you us now
and us as little girls I love you heaps I hope you are well and dont worry about me I will be ok hugs
ok now here is a pic for anyone else that reads this blog heheh please leave a comment so I know you were here
this is a sunset over the house across the street I just love to watch sunsets when I get the time hugs to you all Beth

Monday, October 22, 2007

birthday ,dancing and babies

Oh my goodness it has been a while since I was here but a lot has been going on .

well where do I start

ok my good friends and old neighbours have had a beautiful little bubby she was born around 11 weeks early but she is doing very well

her mummy and daddy are very proud of her and I cant wait to get to see them and her we dont have a big hospital near our home so they are in brisbane untill around the 17 of december the date she was due to be born .

ok next my wonderful DH had a birthday he is the big 40 shhh dont tell him I told.we had a nice family dinner and a fab cake it was nice

I will try and post a pic so you will get to see what we all look like hehehe but please come back I am realy nice lol

and then our Little DD Rachel did a highland dancing display with her dancing group on the weekend .It was her first time to dance in front of people and I am very proud of her

I have not been doing much sewing that I can show yet but I am working on a quilt for the new baby and will put a pic on when I get it done

I will try and get back sooner than last time

Hugs Beth

Saturday, October 13, 2007

wow lucky me

I have been so lucky in the last couple of weeks here in blog land I have won some fantastic prizes.

In the mail this week I have gotten

Bible blocks from The Quilting Pirate [Thank you Toni]

A Pattern for a fab Quilters Retreat Tote Bag from The Willow Valley Store[ Thank you Catherine ]

But that is not all I also won

A bag of scrap fabric from The Quilting Pirate another thank you Toni

A School House Miniture and Doll pattern from Quilting is My Passion

And The new workbook from Wildcraft Farm

I feel so lucky I want to thank each and every one of you you have made my week.I will put up some pics of my goodies soon.

I hope you all have a fab weekend

hugs Beth

ps I will be back with some Good news soon

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Our Baby girl is 20 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA we love you and are very proud of the woman you have become This is Amanda when she was tiny she was just beautiful!!!!!
AND this is Now still just Beautiful !!!!!!!LOVE you Bubby xoxoxoxox

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Little Quilter

Here are some pics of my little girl Miss 9 making her first ever quilt do you think I am a very proud Mummy. Rachel chose the fabric and her big sister got it for her then she had to do some odd jobs to do to earn the fabric from Amanda It was a good deal and Rachel is so Happy now that she has started her Quilt.
well what do you all think She just needs to add a border and then she wants to add some hearts to the corners and then it will need quilting.
tonight I have one very happy little girl I think she wants to sleep with it!

I have not been doing much else as we have school holidays here in Queensland so just doing family things
I hope you all have a fab day
Hugs Beth

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yay Anne now has her stitchery so I just wanted to add some pic`s here
.I had so much fun doing this swap I am looking forward to doing another one

Amanda is all moved out and happy in her new home Yay for my big girl!
I hope you all have a fab day
Hugs Beth

Saturday, September 15, 2007

flowers and tears

here are some flowers from my garden I love the start of spring .

I am a bit sad today our eldest DD Amanda has moved out she got a nice flat on friday and we have spent today moving her in .I am happy for her as this is a new stage in her life that she neds to do but I am sad for me and our family it will be quiet without her her little sister is sad ok I am a big sook heheh I will be back in a day or so hugs Beth

ps Anne has got her stitchery swap I am sooo glad to got to her ok!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

another finish

well here is another finish I started this table runner a few months ago it is one of 2 that I made the other one I gave to my Birth mum
[Mary] hi mummy if you are reading this i love you.
We have had a few people through the house this week I dont mind that much but I got a call on sunday to see if I would let someone through for a look I thought that was a bit rude ! I told them no sorry not today .the man was nice about it but that is not the point it was sunday!!! sorry for the rant.
I am working a little quilt at the moment it is the chicken hearted throw
by the chook shed pattern co I love there stuff I hope to get some more of the applique done this week and then I will post a pic ok I will go for now have a fab day
hugs Beth

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


oh wow look what I got in the mail today
This is from Paula I love it thank you soooo much
I cant wait to be in another swap this one was fab.
I will try and get back later with a longer post
hugs Beth

Sunday, September 2, 2007

christmas wall hanging

This is the christmas wall hanging that I tried to upload the other day .I just need to add the buttons and do the last few stitches at the bottom and it will be all done .I hope to get to it this week! I am just about busting my swap gift is on its way and I cant wait untill it gets to its new home.
I have been working on a circle journal for a scrapbooking swap that I am in this one will go home after I finish it this week.
I am trying to decide what new project to start ? I need to make new quilts for my boys and one for our bed I just cant decide what to start first hehehe
I had better go for now some people are coming to look through the house on wednesday so I had better get some things done around here .
Hugs Beth

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

little hint

here is a little pic of my stitchery for the swap.
Hugs Beth

thank you all

thank you all for the nice comments on my blog
It is a bit scary starting something new and not realy knowing if it will work out and if anyone will even read it.
I have been very busy today we rent our house and the owner has decided to sell but he wants us to stay as his tennents[sp?] so we are all house hunting togther I just hope he finds something before this house gets sold .
I have finnished my stitchery for the swap and it will be in the post by friday I hope its new owner likes it. I just tried to upload a pic of a wall hanging thet I am working on but I dont think it worked oh well I will try again later
hugs Beth

Monday, August 27, 2007

here is my first pic just a trial to see if it worked this is the quilt that I am working on at the moment it is the angel story by Annie downs
hugs Beth

I think I can

well I have done it I have started a blog thank`s to my big girl Amanda
she has just started one( and decided it was a good idea for mum to have one as well. I am in the stitchery swap over at
so now I get to give the girls a look at some of the things that I love to do just as soon as I learn how to add pics and stuff you see I am on L plates when it comes to computers.