Wednesday, August 29, 2007

thank you all

thank you all for the nice comments on my blog
It is a bit scary starting something new and not realy knowing if it will work out and if anyone will even read it.
I have been very busy today we rent our house and the owner has decided to sell but he wants us to stay as his tennents[sp?] so we are all house hunting togther I just hope he finds something before this house gets sold .
I have finnished my stitchery for the swap and it will be in the post by friday I hope its new owner likes it. I just tried to upload a pic of a wall hanging thet I am working on but I dont think it worked oh well I will try again later
hugs Beth


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, It is a little scary starting your blog. Once you get up and going, just start commenting on other peoples blogs and they will check you out. Most people like more photos to look at and not toooo much writing. I never have the time to read much but love to see what everyone is making, doing, creating.
You can also download "counters" to your blog to see who is looking at you. It's taken me a year to get some regulars.
Good Luck.

Laila said...

Hello and welcome to blogland. I'm in the swap to and are mailing my stitchery to morrow. I hope the new oner like it too. I love to read new blogs and I will be back on your.Hope you get a new house soon. Tacke care and good luck.

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