Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hi all I have made some progress today it is raining so prefect sewing weather I Have put together the nine patches just need to cut them restitch and sew together it is going to be BIG
 The little tumbler now has the boarders attached last post it was laying on a pink blanket looked OK so I went with pink for the boarders . I am going to  craft tonight so more sewing for me
hugs Beth

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 oh dear I did it again I have not done a post in so long I don't know if anyone would still be reading ? but here goes I have found some mojo It was away for a while  soooo I have been doing a little sewing the top pic is a layer cake I love Aster manor It is the first Layer cake I have ever had  I am turning it into a giant disappearing nine patch and the  2nd pic is progress the 3rd pic is A little quilt I am making from scraps a friend gave me they were offcuts from her go cutter  .Well another friend has a go cutter as well and she let me have a play last Sunday this is what I have made from my scraps I think it is sooo cute I am hoping to get some pale pink fabric to do the  boarder in 
so I seem to be back at it again yay I am also doing th4e binding on a small quilt and need to make and sew on the binding for a quilt for our bed  .I hope to have some more progres shots soon
Hugs Beth