Saturday, December 8, 2007

busy busy busy

Hi I am still here I have just been very busy

Luke`s Birthday party was good it rained so we all had our dinner up stairs .It was a fun night

My Birth Mum mary got Married to Pete now MY birth stepday yay we are all very happy love you both.

The kids have been doing lots of end of year school things

We have had a few people through the house I wish it would just sell so we could get on with life again

The owner has told us he will buy a brick home for us to rent when this one sells woo hoo I just cant wait .ok now i AM SOOO TOTALY AMAZED BY THE KINDNESS OF SOME PEOPLE OUT IN BLOGLAND

The other week I commented on Tracey`s blog about her little fabric chickens and the dress she made her beautiful DD

then in the mail I got 2 very cute chicks and some fabric to make my Rachel A dress wow I am so blessed to have found this wonderfull comunity .Rachel now has a new dress and she got to show it of at her school concert.I have some more things to blog about later so I will be back so hugs to you all my new friends



Natalie said...

Very busy indeed! I am all the more glad you found time to visit Chickenblog. Nice to meet you. And congratulations on all the happy celebrations happening in your life. I agree whole heartedly about the generosity and kindness of bloggers... simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos I have been waiting for you to up date sounds like you are a buisy girl hope your house sells and you can get back to normal miss you all ?