Thursday, June 26, 2008


hI all I just want to thank my wonderful SIL for the new look to my Blog Lynn I love it hugs to you

and here is a pic of some Lavender my best bud Bec is here for a market she has a lavender farm so I have a wonderful lavender smelling house today

hugs beth


Scottish Nanna said...

I am Jealous I love lavender I would like that bunch at my place It looks good Nice new Blog verry pretty.
Hugs Mum

lynn wood said...

Hiya Beth,
what gorgeous bunch of lavender
Hugs Lynn

Chookyblue...... said...

very cool and I love the lavendar

Narelle said...

I can remember as a teenager, avoiding the lavender stand at the markets because I didn't like the smell, now I love it. Also liking the look of your blog very much.

Catherine said...

Your new look blog is terrific! Very professional looking!!! CAthyxx

Jelly Wares said...

I can't smell that lavender from here... I love lavander how lucky that your friend beth has her very own farm of it..

Jodie :)

Peddlecar Quilts said...

Lavendar smells just soooo good. I use to grow it in the yard, need to try that in the desert---maybe it would work! I have a pillow on my bed just full of it.

You are such an inspiration!

Lynette Anderson said...

That lavender looks so beautiful, I can almost smell it from here! not long until we are up your way, was hoping for next weekend but thats been cancelled!