Thursday, October 2, 2008

more dolls

my doll family is growing I love making these little dolls

it is fun to see how different
they turn out

today is Lillian Hopes 1st Birthday

the people who read this blog all the time will know Lily is my friends prem baby


hugs Beth


Kerri said...

Your dolls a cute and Lilly is adorable. Happy 1st birthday Lilly

lynn wood said...

Beth those dolls are so cute,you've done a great job on them and happy 1st birthday to lilly

Scottish Nanna said...

You Think you are sooooo smart dont you little girl All these little dolls you are getting too clever. Give Lilly A big hug From Nanna Mary Happy 1st birthday Pretty girl.
Hugs Mum.

Deb said...

Beth, you;re obsessed!!! Those dolls are fantastic, well done you!

Marsha said...

Lillian is the cutest baby isn't she? She wants one of your adorable dolls to lug around and love on.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the dolls and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLY!