Saturday, January 31, 2009

flowers and other things

first HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY to my baby girl RACHELwe love you big hugs xoxoxoxox

well hi how are you all ?

The kids are back at school and everything is getting back to normal whatever that is.

ok a few things

Sonia your little gift will be in the post this week

I have been busy trying to finish a few UFOs

I realy want to start something new but just cant decide what that new thing is

our budget is small think tiny so I will need to shop from my stash and it is not very big hmmm

I can see a scrap quilt coming along very soon.

I have been looking around in my new garden and have some beautiful flowers I dont know what the red long skiny one is does anybody know ???

I know the pics will all be at to top of this post sorry

now I am going so have fun all and stay cool if you are in the heat and warm if you are in the cold

hugs Beth


Narelle said...

Beautiful hibiscus but sorry, can't help with that red one. Will check back to see if someone has the answer.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely hisbicus and I like the red one and have seen it to but not sure what it is called...........sorry......Happy Birthday DD.............

Scottish Nanna said...

Happy Birthday Rachel Nanna and Poppy Love you.x x x x x x x

Nancy in Norway said...

Lovely flowers. I'm looking forward to spring and summer. It's winter where I live. Snow and below 0 degree C. Innside and sewing whether.

amanda_vicious said...

Happy Birthday rachel!! can u let her know her present will come later because i havent had a chance to get to the shops cause ive been unwell. love you xox

Sonia said...

Seems that the comment I left yesterday has disappeared.- Cyber gremlins, must have got it!!

Beth - Thanks so much your gift was recieved. and I LOVE IT...those babushkas are soo cute.