Monday, July 26, 2010

Treasure hunting

on Friday I popped into one of our local opp shop's and found some treasure
don't you just love Black work .There were a lot of different stitched things and one amazing black work sampler in a nice frame I looked wanted it sooo much but did not have the cash on me so I walked away for the rest of the day I thought about that sampler and decided to go back on sat morning to see if it was still there
you guessed it the shop was closed oh well come on Monday I got down there as soon as I could and was amazed to fine it still sitting in the same spot it is now on my wall and I love it
here are all the bits I got

this is quite big 18 inch x19 inches
hugs Beth


sue said...

Hi Beth.. Found you.
Your blog is gorgeous I can see why you love shabby chic. And do you have a quilting machine you lucky thing. Sue x

Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Ya I love itI am glad you went back and got it or you would have kicked yourself all week it looks great.
Hugs Mumx x x x x x x

Leila said...

that sampler's really cute!