Sunday, August 22, 2010


As some of you know I have a short arm quilting machine and it has been giving me problems well today it was working so I took the chance to get a quilt quilted I was almost done when I smelt something strange and then I new what I was smelling was smoke NOOOOOO the motor has burnt out BOO HOO Hubby is going to have a look online later and see if we can get another one but for now I am sad this machine has been a problem ever since I got it but we are not wealthy and this was all I could afford so I hope it can be fixed wish me luck I am going to go find some chocolate now and sulk hugs Beth


Amanda Naomi said...

Ohh mum that's so terrible!! So sorry to hear that! One day when I am rich i will buy you a brand new one. Love you xoxox

Deb said...

Good luck Beth, how frustrating for you. Hope you are able to get it fixed and can carry on.

Cheryll said...

Oh what a shame! That sort of drama is a real pain in the butt!
I really feel for you cause I get mad if I have to change a bobbin while in the middle of a project!!
Doesn't even compare to your problem! SoRRy...

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Oh no! This was "MY" quilt that you were doing wasn't it? Bugger think I'll need some of that chocolate too! (If I keep saying it's my quilt she may actually give it to me! LIVE IN HOPE! LOL

Leila said...

Oh no! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Scottish Nanna said...

Oh No and my quilt was getting ready for A trip up to see you I know I know you just didentwant to do it and you pulled the plug on it.I am sorry Baby I hope you can get it fixed.
Big Hugs Mum.xxxxxxx

Maree: said...

oh Beth..I know how Excited you were when you first got this sorry to hear it has succumb to this...fingers crossed it can be fixed for you and you can get back to what you enjoy...

Amanda Naomi said...

hi mummy

just letting you know i have changed my blogger address to

so you may need to update your links

love you xoxo

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