Thursday, January 13, 2011

little birds

I have had some friends staying with me because they could not get home to Emerald because of the flooding .
Sam wanted to make some birds so we raided my stash and made these 2 little birds I think they turned out very cite
Sam has not done a lot of sewing but she did a fantastic job and I think she is a quilter in the making
I hope all my blog friends are safe and dry
we are fine here
stay safe my friends
hugs Beth


Maree: said...

They ar Cute Beth so Glad to hear you are safe & dry...hope your sewing room was saved...

Scottish Nanna said...

They are good Sam beth will make A quilter out of you yet.Have A safe trip home.
Hugs Mum.

Cheryll said...

Stay Safe up there in Queensland!

Maria said...

Hope your friends got home safley.
Love Sams birds.

Pleased you are staying dry Beth.

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