Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I love the beach and have wanted to go since before Christmas but time and the weather had other ideas but on Sunday we had some time and went for a drive to a beach about 40 min form home .It was a hot sunny day and the tide was out but we had a good long walk in the sand looking at the shells and driftwood that have been washed up . I took some pic of the soldier crabs but they did not turn out very well so I will try again next time we go solder crabs are soo cute here is one pic that I love from the ones I took
hugs Beth


Christine said...

looks like a lovely place for a walk


Maria said...

Like you Beth I love the beach. I go for a dip each day in the warmer weather.
Your beach looks lovely.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Looks like you had the beach to yourselves.

Scottish Nanna said...

cant swim but like the beach lucky you.
Hugs Mum xxxxxxx