Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whats in a name

The lovely Dawn have a post on her blog about how we got the name for our blog so I thought I would let you all know how Highland hen came about.
First My Dh has called me chook for many years .Some of you know I was adopted and when I found my birth family it turns out they are from Scotland hence the highland part and to top it of my  birth family name would have been Cockrill so the hen part came from that .So that is how I became Highland hen The pic is a beautiful hen ScottishNanna dressed for me.
hope you are all doing something you love hugs Beth


Scottish Nanna said...

Love the chook he he he But I love you more
Lots of hugs Mum xxxxxxx

Dawn said...

how perfect...great name too... Love the chook that Mary made for you.. she's delightful
hugs Dawn x x x

Jeanneke said...

Very special, personal name, fitting perfectly!
Thanks for sharing your story behind the name.

Janet said...

So many arrows pointing the way to your name. Such a fun name too.

rosie said...

Just found you from Chookyblues blog... what a lovely story..

Narelle said...

A very meaningful name ... love the hen :)

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