Tuesday, November 29, 2011

very busy time

Hi All I am finaly back with a post .
Lots of things have been going on around here so I will just list some to give you an Idea of why I have not been blogging ok here we go
DD Amanda and Her BF Luke got engaged YAY
Been Sick myself, kids and hubby all at different times
my youngest brother moved to town with his girls [he is a single dad 4 girls ]
My a mum Joan  came to stay  [some of you know I am adopted this is the mum I grew up with]
Lots of end of year school stuff for the kids and tafe stuff for myself
sewing for the SSCS I cant show pics yet its a secret shhh
supporting hubby with end of year things for the club he is in .
 I have had a go at making some christmas decorations and will get some pics to share later
so there you go I have been busy
the pic above is a garage sale find for $2 I am collecting  framed flowers tappestry I have 3 now
I will hope to blog more now and  may even have some time to do some sewing 
Hugs Beth


Maree: said...

Lovely to hear from you Beth..Congrats on the Engagement..sounds like a busy household...
hope you are on the mend for now.

Scottish Nanna said...

I like that stitchery on the wall it looks lovely.will ring you later hugs Mum.xxxxxxx

Narelle said...

Phew! Lots going on for you ... hope everyone is back on deck.
Congratulations to Amanda and Luke.