Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thrift find

Oh dear I don't know if I am very lucky or just crazy!

I was at a local thrift store yesterday and found a bag full of fabric and on the outside it said Quilt cut out and started $5. well what was I to do leave her there no way  so I payed my money and home she came BUT  there is not enough of one of  the  fabrics sooo I need to work out what to do either look for a matching fabric or unpick what is done and use a different fabric. What would you do Ideas please ????? I think it will be a lovely quilt when it is done
hugs Beth


Anonymous said...

Just find something as close as possible, I guess it is the apricot?
Finish it and write the story on the label.
Grat find

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Hey!! I have this exact quilt on the frame, waiting to be quilted. What a bargain you got.

Scottish Nanna said...

What a bargain what do you want to do it might be A bit hard to get the exact material to match is it the aprocot?send me down a little bit i will see if i can find some down here .
Hugs Mum xx.

Sue B said...

As the quilt is finished on the diagonal you could do the other diagonal half of the square in a different colour way like a green, or you could unpick the squares and do half of the blocks with another colour and mix them up Just a thought.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Great find, lucky you :)

Tracy said...

It looks like it is half done so maybe use different fabric for the other half. Either close to or a contrast. It was a great find.

Narelle said...

Oh my, what a find!
I like Christine's idea to find a close match and include the story.
I also like Sue B's idea of half in a different colour way.
Sorry I'm no help at all, am I :)