Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I gave Lily her quilt today
Yay she is nearly 7 months old now and she is just soooo very beautiful we all love her to bits! dont you think this is what it is all about a happy Bubby in a new quilt
I hope she has many happy years dragging it around [USE IT SAM]

Sam and Steven are amazing parents who have been through so much and are doing a fantastic job

hugs to you both

ok I will be back again soon I have been sewing LOL

hugs Beth


amanda_vicious said...

she is so gorgeous!!

awesome job mum
love you xoxox

Anonymous said...

WOW your quilt its gorgeous you are so clever and the baby is lovely she looks so happy.
Hugs Mum.X X X X X X X

Linda said...

What a gorgeous baby and a lovely quilt.