Thursday, April 9, 2009

oh dear

Oh dear what will I do
the boys are all fishing the girls are playing quietly in the bedroom so I think I will start some stitching
everything is going well until I go to get my cotton and nooooooooo I dont have the colour I want and all the shops are closed I think i have every other colour it is soo frustrating oh well never mind I will just start the stitching part tomorrow .
dont you just love Catherine of willow Valley store s ring a rosy girls in a tea cup pattern it is in the latest Homespun mag

ok I am going to find another project to work on something quiet I dont want to wake little miss 4 months old from her nap just yet
hugs Beth


1 comment:

Scottish Nanna said...

I am sure you will find something to stitch knowing you.
Hugs Mum.