Monday, May 31, 2010

I won

WOW I am so happy
A little while ago and amazing girl had a giveaway on her blog
and I won Today when I came home for a little opp shopping my prise was in the mailbox and just look at the yummy goodness I have a beautiful fatquater of fabric that I got to pick from Nic`s own range and an amazing tea towel
I had to take the pic on my new kitchen mat to show how well it will go in there but it will not be getting used to drying the dishes I am going to frame
I will be back soon with some more things to show you from my opp shopping and a new book
hugs for now Beth


yardage girl said...

So glad you like your prize - can't wait to see what you make with the fabric. Enjoy! Nic x

Maree: said...

Well Done Beth...Lovely Prize and bet you got some Great Bargains down town...

Scottish Nanna said...

Lovely prize what are you going to make with can whisper in my ear if it is A secret promise not to tell.
Hugs Mum xxxxxx