Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok here are the pics I was trying to post today the first one is a beautiful cup and saucer I am trying to get myself a crazy tea set together and I found this at a thrift shop for 20 cents . and here are some treasures I got for $4 a good buy I think
and here is my new chair I have been looking at this chair in one of the thrift shops in town for a few weeks now and the more I saw it the more I wanted it then today I just decided to go see if it was still there it was so I was got it for only$25 a bargain I think.

I was feeling a bit guilty you see we only had 3 chairs in our lounge room and with 4 of us living in the house someone got the floor but now I have my new chair we all get a seat I am happy

thank you for looking
will be back again soon
hugs Beth


Nancy in Norway said...

Hi again.
Are you collecting old cups and sausers? What a wonderfull idea! Do you go by special bands, shapes or decoration (like roses)?

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Beth, you did find some great buys..

Scottish Nanna said...

Beth I love your new chair just right for your MA to sit on when she comes to visit he he he Love and hugs your MA.

clare said...

You did very well , what bargains .
clares craftroom

Bec writes...................... said...

Oh just love the craft filled with lavender, is it coming to Gaeta?

Anonymous said...

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